Login 2017: Almost Open - Just close the door behind you

29. Januar 2017 von Tobias

Almost Open - Just close the door behind you (Steven Ellis)

We are potentially at an interesting tipping point in the future of Free and Open Source software as more of our interactions are managed by services rather than applications. Does Open Source have a future or are we pivoting towards a services based ecosystem where the best we can hope for is some degree of Open Standards? These open standards have no specific entity tasked with defining each of them, yet every day we hear about Open Hardware, Open Government, Open APIs.

What does Open mean within the ecosystem you operate within, and how can we continue to be a catalyst for the journey and grow the Open Source movement when so many closed outcomes are being produced from the Open Source ecosystem?

This is a collaborative session to look unpack the issue and formulate some actions that can be used by the attendees within their communities, businesses and organisations.

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