Elephants Dream

29. Juni 2017 von Blender Foundation

Elephants Dream is a 2006 produced 3D CGI animated science fiction shortfilm created almost completely using free software like Blender, GIMP, CinePaint and Inkscape. The shortfilm tells the story about two characters named Emo and Proog. Both are on a journey through a giant machine, exploring the twisted and dark complex of wires, gears and cogs. The atmosphere is surrealistic, dark and as viewer it is unknown either this machine is reality or it is only a product of Proog's imagination, because he as the older of both men seems to lead this expidition. In the end a conflict arises between Emo and Proog that throws out all their assumptions.

The movie and all assets are released under the license CC-BY from the Blender Foundation.


  • Ton Roosendaal - Producer
  • Bassam Kurdali - Director
  • Pepijn Zwanenberg - Writer
  • Andy Goralczyk - Art director
  • Matt Ebb - Artist
  • Bastian Salmela - Artist
  • Lee Salvemini - Artist
  • Toni Alatalo - Technical director
  • Jan Morgenstern - Composer
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