Marketable People (Trailer, English)

13. Januar 2017 von Gokh

Marketable People

A film from Leslie Franke, Herdolor Lorenz, Alexander Grasseck and Stefan Corinth, 90 Min.

Help us to create a film which shows how solidarity is getting lost and we all are in danger of sinking into a pool of competition while the rich get richer.

Europe is in a transition. Since the start of the new millennium and after the financial crisis a new course has been set. The social market economy, social solidarity systems which took decades to fight for are being undermined. The labour market in particular is changing rapidly. This is where the film „Marketable people“ is particularly positioned.

Just 20 years ago two thirds of those employed in Germany had a full time job with social insurance. Today that figure is just 38%. At present already some half of those employed are in internships, rotating temporary employment, in work contracts or temporary work through an agency. Completely unsecured work such as „crowdworkers“ (via the internet) and commissioned work through an App are rapidly spreading and undermine the minimum wage. Some well educated people need to do 3 jobs to be able to survive. g is his or her worker-entrepreneur. Whoever wants to survive in this society must be prepared for this right from the beginning. This competition is already inherent to most of us.

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